• February 21, 2022
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On February 3rd, 2022, the CATCO2NVERS project held an online meeting together with the initiatives CO2SMOS and VIVALDI  to explore future collaborations with other similar projects under the framework of bio-based industries leading the way in turning carbon dioxide emissions into chemicals topic. The core of the session was to introduce the project’s scope and share some of the best practices to collaborate.

During the session, the CO2SMOS project explained their role to transform the carbon emissions generated from bioprocesses into different sustainable bioproducts; VIVALDI  showcased its approach about how to convert off-gas emissions from bio-based Industries into CO2-based chemicals; for their part, the CATCO2NVERS  project presented the concept to reduce greenhouse gasses emissions from the Bio-Based Industries transforming waste-CO2 from 2 bio-based industries into 5 added-value chemicals.

With the strong competencies of the three projects, CATCO2NVERS, CO2MOS, and VIVALDI will be able to explore new collaboration ideas that will boost the development of turning carbon dioxide emissions into chemicals.

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