• July 19, 2022
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From 3-8 July, Marcelo Alejandro Echeverri Muñoz, researcher from our project coordinator entity FUNDITEC, participated in the 20th International Zeolite Conference where he got the opportunity to showcase the initiative CATCO2NVERS in a poster presentation.

Apart from the poster presentation, Marcelo attended several round tables and conferences in the framework of zeolites and porous materials. More than 600 scientists attended this event which seeks to encourage fundamental and applied science on ordered porous materials, including microporous zeolites and aluminophosphates, MOFs, mesostructured materials, porous hybrid solids, etc.

The main topic of the conference was revolving around porous materials and how this tool can be used for Sustainable Development. The purpose of the 20th International Zeolite Conference is to bring together academia and industry with the objective of exploring, reflecting and sharing ideas with regards to the impact of research and technology on Porous Materials.

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