Asli Ozge Avci Tuna, Global R&D Manager at EVYAP speaks in this interview about the cosmetic applications as well as the role and expectations within the CATCO2NVERS project.

What is the role of EVYAP in CATCO2NVERS?
The understanding of “being a responsible company to the society, environment, and stakeholders”, is one of our corporate values, well-suited with CATCO2NVERS. EVYAP has an end-user role in the CATCO2NVERS project, where we added the “Environment” dimension to our product development processes. In general, EVYAP will contribute to CO2 utilization by integrating and validating lactic acid (LA) and glyoxylic acid (GA) as additives in cosmetics formulation which will result in valuable properties such as anti-ageing for skincare, buffering and antibacterial agents in cosmetics, and biocidal products, respectively.

What are the cosmetic applications EVYAP is working on?
At first, EVYAP will provide input on the requested purity of GA and LA as chemicals in the formulation of cosmetics, then will provide preliminary results on the use of two chemicals obtained from CO2 in different consumer end-product lines: GA as skin conditioning in leave-on products and LA as buffering, and disinfection in rinse-off cosmetics and biocidal products, respectively. To achieve the formulation, ingredients will be integrated into finished cosmetic formulae to be tested for their efficacy which are mandatory and claimed; and the stability of the formulae will be evaluated for 4 months at different temperatures and in sunlight. While preparing the formulae and during the stability, some physical tests will be applied to measure viscosity and pH. Also, the formulations will be exposed to a cycle test that has the steps of changing temperatures during specific times. Cosmetics are required to be safe and effective when consumers use them according to directions in the labelling, or in the customary or expected way.

What are the expectations of these applications?
Evyap places emphasis on applying environmentally friendly technologies at every stage of its activities. Via CATCO, we will establish a new value chain in the CO2 utilization sector by developing a formulation and have been enthusiastic to apply this new product in the EVYAPs portfolio of personal care products with alternative ingredients and chemicals that replace the fossil counterpart ones and thus gaining competitiveness in this market sector.

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