• July 19, 2023
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July has been a hectic month for the University of Twente since our researcher Paulina Sosa has attended several conferences in the framework of the Purification of CO2-based lactic and glyoxylic acids using membrane technology.

On July 7, 2023, Paulina attended the Netherlands Process Technology Symposium (NPS), a leading event about the top advancements in process engineering and a key meeting to do networking with stakeholders from industry and academia.

On July 11, 2023, Paulina had the opportunity to attend the International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes in Chiba-city (Japan). This conference occurs every 3 years and has a large attendance that brings together researchers, scientists, and engineers from around the world to discuss the latest advances in membrane science and technology. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including membrane separation, membrane bioreactors, membrane distillation, membrane fouling, and membrane materials.

In both conferences, Paulina introduced the concept of CATCO2NVERS, the objectives, impacts methodology as well as its work about membrane separation.

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