• November 2, 2023
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From October 30 to October 31, the CATCO2NVERS consortium held the semestral general assembly meeting to showcase the progress, milestones and tasks performed in the last six months.

The meeting was hosted by Wageningen University where the consortium could enjoy a tour through the different plants and labs where they are developing the conversion of CO2 into acid lactic.

During the meeting, the consortium partners exposed the advancement of the following work packages:

  • CO2 analysis and up-grading.
  • Electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to glyoxylic acid.
  • Biocatalytic conversion of CO2 to lactic acid.
  • Thermocatalytic conversion of CO2 to Furan Dicarboxylic Methyl Ester, cyclic carbonated fatty acid methyl esters, and Bio-Methanol.
  • Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation.
  • Project Management.

Additionally, the consortium had the opportunity to have open discussions revolving around possible risks and actions for the next semester.

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