• May 13, 2024
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From May 7 to May 8, the CATCO2NVERS partners gathered in Valencia to keep working on the technical advancements of the three catalytic processes to develop different technologies to convert CO2 into chemicals glyoxylic acid (GA), lactic acid (LA), furan dicarboxylic methyl ester (FDME), cyclic carbonated fatty acid methyl esters (CCFAMEs) and bio-methanol.

The meeting was hosted by our partner PERSEO BIOTECHNOLOGY which is in charge of analysing and characterise the CO2  gas stream generated in the alcoholic fermentation stage from its bioethanol production process from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and supplying representative synthetic CO2 compositions from its fermentation process for demonstration of CATCO2NVERS technologies.

There, the partners had the opportunity to define the next actions as well as to present the latest results of each of the different work packages.

In addition to the meetings and presentations, our partners visited the facilities of PERSEO Biotechnology located in L’Alcudia (Valencia). During the visit, the partners received a talk from the CEO, Caterina Coll Lozano, where they gained insights into PERSEO’s business model, its value proposition, and the ongoing projects overview. Moreover, accompanied by PERSEO’s Innovation Manager, Marcos Latorre Sánchez, we explored the laboratories and demonstration pilot plant, where scaling tests are conducted, and engineering projects are developed

Less than a year into the project, the project partners are finalizing the technologies development, the downstream processes, and the corresponding testing phases to demonstrate the primary goal of the project: reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Bio-Based Industries by transforming waste CO2 from two bio-based industries into five value-added chemicals.

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