• May 2, 2022
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CATCO2NVERS, the progress after one year of running

From April 19 to April 20 the CATCO2NVERS consortium held its second General Assembly in Enschede, the Netherlands to analise and present the work carried out during the the first year since the project started.

The session was hosted by the University of Twente. There, all the consortium members had the opportunity to present their main progress and advancements across the different work packages. During the first day, the partners discussed some of the technical aspects such as:

• CO2 analysis and up-grading.
• Electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to glyoxylic acid.
• Biocatalytic conversion of CO2 to lactic acid.
After concluding these presentations, the consortium enjoyed a tour of the University of Twente where Paulina Sosa, researcher at this university showed all the infrastructures and the installations.

On the second day, we concluded the meeting by analysing the work of the rest of the work packages as well as having open discussions with all the partners. The content of the second-day meeting was mainly revolving around:

• Thermocatalytic conversion of CO2 to FDME, CCFAMEs and Bio-MeOH.
• Sustainability and circularity assessments.
• Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

It was a great experience for all the partners to meet face-to-face and keep establishing great synergies and collaborations!

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