• May 19, 2022
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From May 9 to May 12, Eva Maya, senior researcher at CSIC together with their colleagues Beatriz Fuerte and Elizabeth Rangel, had a hectic week attending multiple events and conferences in Madrid and Sebastián, Spain.

On May 9, Eva showcased Catco2nvers during the GEPSAL 2022 Conference where she gave a presentation about the synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance of iron phthalocyanine based knitting aryl polymer.

One day later, in Madrid, Beatriz introduced the initiative as part of his doctoral thesis in the Europe Day organised by CSIC and UAM. There, she had the opportunity to explain and engage with more than fifty researchers and students.

For her part, Elizabeth attended together with Eva on May 10, the GEPSLAP 2022 where she talked about Imidazolium-based hyper crosslinked ionic polymer to promote the oxidative esterification of furfural.

Last but not least, on May 12, the Materials Physics Center counted on the presence of Eva who referenced CATCO2NVERS in her presentation about thermal conversions of CO2 using Porous Organic Polymers.

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