Catco2nvers achieves milestone 1

The CATCO2NVERS consortium has been working on providing the most reasonable theoretical route for the CO2 upgrading according to the conditions of the different catalytic processes.

The University of Twente has created a report detailing the most reasonable routes for upgrading the CO2 streams. It started with the reports delivered by our project partners, Avantium and PERSEO, who shared information about the composition of their CO2-rich streams. With all that information, the University of Twente compared those compositions and established that the first was a typical post-combustion CO2-stream, while the other was similar to that obtained from an oxy-combustion process.

Next, an exhaustive literature search was conducted, which helped to determine the most developed (technology readiness level 6 or above) and suitable purification processes for each of the streams. Our analysis included processes like absorption with ammines, absorption with ammonia, adsorption, calcium looping, gas separation with membranes, and cryogenic separation, and helped us to identify the advantages and drawbacks of all these processes.

The analysis also considered some polishing processes, which would allow us to remove impurities that could affect the catalytic processes, like oxygen, water and hydrogen sulfide.

In conclusion, the existing technology could be applied to obtain CO2 streams with purity above 90%, which could be then fed to the different catalytic processes developed within CATCO2NVERS.

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