• February 8, 2023
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On January 18, 2023 the Catco2nvers consortium held a review meeting with the Research Executive Agency hosted by CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) in Brussels. The meeting was an opportunity to provide an introduction and overview of the Catco2nvers project and its different work packages.

Our project coordinator, Oscar Ramírez from FUNDITEC, highlighted the objectives and goals of the CATCO2NVERS project, which aims to create added-value chemical from bio-industrial CO2 emissions using integrated catalytic technologies. The project coordinator also discussed the progress made so far and the challenges faced by the team.

The meeting also provided an overview of the various work packages that make up the CATCO2NVERS project. These work packages are designed to tackle different aspects of the project, including research and development, pilot projects, and exploitation and communication. Each work package was presented by the lead researcher, providing a comprehensive overview of the progress made, the challenges faced, and the plans for the future.

The Research Executive Agency followed up the progress made by the Catco2nvers project team and praised their efforts to address the challenges faced. The European Commission agency also provided valuable feedback and suggestions for future developments, which are being taken into consideration by the whole consortium.

Overall, the review meeting was a fruitful meeting and provided a platform for the CATCO2NVERS project team to showcase their achievements and receive valuable feedback from the Research Executive Agency.

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