Oscar Ramirez, project manager at FUNDITEC and CATCO2NVERS coordinator, speaks in this interview about the main challenges and tasks of coordinating the CATCO2NVERS project

What challenges does a coordinator phase in the management of a project like CATCO2NVERS? How are they overcome?

The main challenge managing a project as CANTCO2NVERS lies in ensuring the correct implementation of the project, that is, ensuring that the work plan is fulfilled according to the established schedule, submitting all the reports required by the commission on time, namely deliverables, technical and financial reports, and especially being alert to the possible risks that may arise during the project, acting quickly in the implementation of mitigation actions, in the preparation of amendments to the Grant Agreement, and keep the project officer informed about the changes on the project. Last but not least, a key issue to managing CATCO2NVERS project is to keep the entire consortium cohesive by helping partners to clarify all doubts regarding financial and legal issues that may arise during the execution of the project.

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