Dr Marcos Latorre, Technical Manager in PERSEO speaks in this interview about their main role and challenges.

What is the role of PERSEO in CATCO2NVERS?

The role of PERSEO Biotechnology SL (PERSEO) in CATCO2NVERS project is to analyse and characterise the CO2 gas stream generated in the alcoholic fermentation stage from its bioethanol production process from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and to supply representative synthetic CO2 compositions from its fermentation process for demonstration of CATCO2NVERS technologies. Moreover, PERSEO will provide bioethanol samples to be used as feedstock for the biocatalytic conversion of CO2 to lactic acid and two technology prototypes developed in the project (CO2 to FDME and CO2 to CCFAME) will be validated in its facilities.

What are the main challenges for the company?

PERSEO Biotechnology SL (https://www.perseobiotech.com/) is an engineering and biotechnological company specialised in the conversion of the organic fraction of waste into added value products: biofuels, bioenergy and bioproducts, using the own patented process and technology and know-how. During the development of PERSEO technology, the biotechnological process which includes pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation stages, among others, has been optimized for different raw materials (lignocellulosic, agri-food, municipal biowaste). The main byproducts produced during the fermentation stage into bioethanol are CO2 and a bioresidue, and the valorization of these two streams is key for PERSEO to achieve a completely circular concept through a “zero waste biorefinery”.   

Therefore, CATCONVERS is a very interesting project for PERSEO, since the use and valorisation of the biogenic CO2 generated in the alcoholic fermentation stage will contribute to the objective of the company to become a zero-waste urban biorefinery and decrease the carbon footprint.

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