• April 18, 2023
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On April 13, 2023, CATCO2NVERS was showcased during the Stakeholder dialogue on the circular economy: from research to implementation (Stakeholderdialog Kreislaufwirtschaft: Von der Forschung in die Umsetzung) in Austria where Iris De Cesare, project manager and researcher at Alchemia Nova  had the opportunity to present the initiative in the framework of new innovative ways to reorientate the economic system from a circular economy approach.

Publikum (© Petra Blauensteiner/ÖGUT).

The event was held by ÖGUT on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK). At the event, research and development activities from the diverse thematic areas of the circular economy were presented. The event offered actors from business, science, associations and politics in the field of the circular economy a platform for networking and exchange of experiences. The focus of this first BMK Stakeholder Dialogue on Circular Economy was “From Research to Implementation”.

Publikum (© Petra Blauensteiner/ÖGUT).

In the first edition of this event, more than 200 attendees could enjoy a wide variety of presentations and talks about circular economy.

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