• May 16, 2023
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On May 11, 2023, our technical project coordinator Dulce Muñoz, researcher in FUNDITEC, introduced the CATCO2NVERS project during the Spanish conference entitled “adding value to CO2” organised by PTECO2 and SUSCHEM ES in Bilbao, Spain.

There, Dulce gave a presentation on the framework of how to add value to CO2 where she showed the main concept of CATCO2NVERS as well as the methodology, impacts and objectives to transform CO2 from two bio industries into five different added-value chemicals.

Additionally, Eva Maya from CSIC contributed to disseminating the CATCO2NVERS project by presenting two posters with Dulce. On the one hand, explaining formamide from CO2: rapid and selective synthesis catalyzed by hyper crosslinked ionic polymers. On the other hand, the second poster was about the conversion of CO2 into high-value-added chemicals driven by polyimine-based heterogeneous catalysts.

The event gathered a set of conferences aimed at all the agents of the science-technology-business system and aim to offer a global vision of the different aspects involved in CO2 recovery technologies, from their foundations to their applications in the market.

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