• June 8, 2023
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On June 6, 2023, our partner University of Twente organised an Open House event for the young and old people curious about science and technology. The session included a wide variety of activities such as workshops, guided tours, quizzes and demonstrations.

In this context, the Open House event counted on the presence of the CATCO2NVERS project.  Heleen Sombekke, Business Development Manager together with Paulina Sosa, researcher at University of Twente, organised an interactive session where children and young students were able to learn about the initiative. This innovative project introduces a groundbreaking concept, revealing how waste-CO2 generated by biobased industries can be converted into five high-value chemicals. These chemicals find applications in various industries such as chemicals, cosmetics, and plastics. To achieve the desired purity levels for the targeted products (including glyoxylic acid, lactic acid, furfural dimethyl ester, carbonated fatty acid methyl ester, and bio-methanol), membranes are employed in the downstream processes. Children were also given the opportunity to create their own membranes, adding an interactive element to the event.

Most of the communication materials were showcased during the activity including the project roll-up, brochures, and the official video among others. Without a doubt, the event was a very effective way to communicate and disseminate the innovation behind CATCO2NVERS to a non-scientific audience.

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