• February 22, 2024
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On February 20, 2024, the three sister projects CATCO2NVERS, VIVALDI AND CO2SMOS organized a joint webinar titled “Addressing Challenges and Unlocking Carbon Capture Utilisation: Circular Carbon Advancement through Policy Reform”. The main objective was to bring attention to the hurdles and barriers identified across three projects for EU policymakers and regulators. The central focus was on discussing potential solutions, specifically emphasizing the incentives required to promote the integration of alternative carbon feedstock in essential products, such as through the implementation of quotas under EU legislation. The workshop delved into various carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) pathways aimed at de-fossilizing chemical production, examined ongoing EU-level discussions in this domain, and provided recommendations to shift away from fossil resources in the manufacturing of chemicals and products.

Throughout the workshop, key challenges were addressed, including efforts to harness the benefits of alternative carbon feedstock like captured biogenic carbon in the production of plastics and chemicals. The proposed solutions involved establishing binding targets for non-fossil carbon content and contributing to recycling obligations.

Additionally, the workshop focused on streamlining regulatory approval requirements for bioconversion processes to enhance the valorization of captured biogenic carbon. This included reducing administrative complexities such as registration costs, approval times, and third-party involvement, along with the harmonization of national regulations. The workshop also aimed to secure a significant market share for chemicals and products derived from captured biogenic carbon by establishing effective market pull mechanisms. It also addressed the complexity of standardization and labeling for final CCU products while ensuring compliance with downstream regulations regarding product properties.

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